English 11


a. Circle the correct form.

  1.  If I’m not feeling better tomorrow, I’m going to go to the doctor’s. 
  2. Kerry won’t be going to work next week if her children are still ill. 
  3. Don’t call Chloe now. If it’s eight o’clock, she will be bathing the baby. 
  4. You can be fined if you aren’t wearing a seatbelt in your car. 
  5. If we’re lucky, we’ll have sold our house by Christmas. 
  6. If plants aren’t watered, they die.

b. Complete the sentence with a time expression from the list.

  1. I’ll call you as soon as I get back from my holiday.
  2. He’s going to pack his suitcase before he goes to bed.
  3. They’re setting off early in case there’s a lot of traffic.
  4. Sophie will be leaving work early tomorrow unlessher boss needs her.
  5. I’m meeting an old friend when I go to London.
  6. I’ll call you after I find out my results.
  7. Lily will have packed some sandwiches in case we get hungry.
  8. They’ll be playing in the park until it gets dark.