English 11


  1. A gang took a rich man’s son and asked the family for money. – kidnapping
  2. She went to her ex-husband’s house and shot him dead. – murder
  3. A passenger on a flight made the pilot land in the desert. – hijacking
  4. After the party the man made the woman have sex against her will. – rape
  5. We came home from holiday and found that our TV had gone. – burglary
  6. Someone tried to sell me some marijuana during a concert. – drug dealing
  7. When the border police searched his car, it was full of cigarettes. – smuggling
  8. Someone threw paint on the statue in the park. – vandalism
  9. He said he’d send the photos to a newspaper if the actress didn’t pay him a lot of money. – blackmail
  10. An armed man walked into a bank and shouted ‘Hands up!’ – robbery
  11. A man transferred company money into his own bank account. – fraud
  12. A builder offered the mayor a free flat in return for a favor. – bribery
  13. Two men left a bomb in the supermarket car park. – terrorism
  14. Somebody stole my car last night from outside my house. – theft
  15. A man held out a knife and made me give him my wallet. – mugging