English 11


Circle the correct form of the verb. Tick if both are correct.

  1. She’s lived/been living here for years.
  2. Your boss has phoned three times this morning!
  3. The kids are exhausted because they have been playing outside all day.
  4. He hasn’t seen the new James Bond film yet.
  5. I have never met his wife. Have you?
  6. We have studied/have been studying English all our lives.
  7. have been tidying the garage all afternoon. I’ve nearly finished.
  8. He’ll be here soon. He has just left work.
  9. How long have you had your car?
  10. Oh no! Someone has broken the window.

b. Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple or continuous.

  1. We have known Jack and Ann for years.
  2. You look hot. Have you been running?
  3. Rose hasn’t done her homework so she can’t go out.
  4. Did you know they have moved? They live in Torquay now.
  5. How long have Daisy and Adam been going out together? Five months?
  6. haven’t had time to cook dinner. Shall we get a pizza?
  7. We have been walking for hours. I think we’re lost.
  8. Have you eaten my chocolates? There are only a few left!