English 11


  1. Two people gave you completely opposite advice – confused
  2. The police told you that your flat had been burgled – shocked
  3. A friend helped you a lot with a problem – grateful
  4. You thought you had lost your passport but then you found it – relieved
  5. You didn’t get a present you were hoping to get – disappointed
  6. You went to study abroad and were missing your family – homesick
  7. You moved to a new town and didn’t have any friends – lonely
  8. You were about to talk in public for the first time – nervous
  9. Your friend tells you she has just passed her driving test – glad
  10. A very good friend didn’t invite you to his party – offended

b. Matched the strong adjectives with their definitions.

  1. very surprised and unable to move or react – stunned
  2. extremely upset and shocked – devastated
  3. very pleased – delighted
  4. really tired – exhausted
  5. very excited – thrilled
  6. extremely scared – terrified
  7. really angry – furious
  8. very surprised – astonished
  9. with little hope, and ready to do anything to improve the situation – desperate
  10. very unhappy – miserable

2. Idioms

a. Look at the highlighted idioms and try to guess their meanings.

  1. I’m sick and tired of telling you to do your homework. Get on with it! – fed up
  2. When I saw the burglar, I scared stiff. – terrified
  3. He finally passed his driving test. He’s over the moon! – very happy
  4. You look a bit down in the dumps. Has life been treating you badly? – sad, depressed
  5. I’m completely worn out. I just want to sit down and put my feet up. – exhausted
  6. When I saw her, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked ten years younger. – very surprised

b. Match the idioms and the feelings.

A. exhausted
B. (be) very surprised
C. fed up
D. terrified
E. sad, depressed
F. very happy


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